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Doug Hatherley is an exceptional attorney. I was referred to Doug for my trial separation which escalated to divorce proceedings. Doug was a perfect fit. His communication, responsiveness, and knowledge of the law made me quickly realize I had selected the right representation. Doug is patient, thorough, professional, and has excellent listening skills. Ultimately, Doug and his staff guided me through the legal process to a favorable outcome. Choosing the right attorney makes all the difference in your case and choosing The Hatherley Firm is your first step towards success.

Matthew B.

Doug is thoughtful, intelligent, patient and hard-working. He handles these delicate family matters with the sensitivity and care they demand, while also fiercely advocating for his client. There are few, if any, better in this industry.

Mitchell H.

Doug is extremely knowledgeable and was able to guide me with the direction I needed. His communication was fast and exceeded my expectations at a moment where time was sensitive given my particular case. I appreciate the thoroughness and detail to which Doug was able to address with me. I will definitely be using Doug in the future and would be happy to recommend him to others

Bryan D.

Divorce is never a good thing but I needed assistance for what would be a difficult ordeal. Doug was the help I needed. Solid counsel and advice, which ended up saving me time and money in the long run. Most importantly, Doug and Firm salvaged my sanity through what would have otherwise been a roller-coaster. Don’t hesitate to give them a call if you’re in need of family law. You won’t regret it.


Doug was outstanding for several reasons: he initially jumped on the case which had extremely short time frames and came up with defenses and strategies to counteract actics of opposing counsel. Second, Doug was able to sift through and identify the important details of the hundreds of pages of information that I supplied to him and bring the important parts to the table during subsequent negotiations with opposing counsel. Third, Doug was simply indefatigable, frequently responding to my somewhat tardy emails after midnight and on weekends. Fourth, he had a knack for negotiation which, together with his legal insight, allowed him win important points of the case and concede less important ones, thereby staving off expensive and time-consuming court battles.


Doug is professional, knowledgeable, and level headed. He works tirelessly to take care of every detail for the best possible outcome. In consulting with him, he answered all of my questions, allowing for informed decisions. I highly recommend him.


Douglas recently represented me in a custody evaluation and did an outstanding job. I highly recommend him and would ask him to represent me again in without hesitation. His knowledge of family law is incredible. Document research and preparation is of the highest quality, and communication is excellent. Douglas took the time to listen to everything I had to say and incorporated my feedback, and was always very quick to respond when I had questions. He was reassuring and factual without making any false promises or guarantees, which I really appreciated. I also appreciated the fact that he helped me learn to focus on the most important aspects of the case. If you ever find yourself seeking a family law attorney I highly recommend that you contact Douglas.


Mr. Douglas Hatherley is an excellent Attorney. I was very satisfied with his knowledge, professionalism, good manners, fair investigation of my case and his work ethics. I felt very comfortable that he was working in my best interest. I highly recommend his services!


I am very grateful to Mr. Hatherley for his assistance in resolving a very difficult family situation. He was extremely professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. He listened to all of my concerns and brought about a successful outcome to the proceedings. I highly recommend him and would not hesitate to use his services again in the future.


Doug Hatherley is my current attorney that was originally appointed to my case. In the beginning, my case seemed to be going in many different directions. However, Doug, who was familiar with the court where my hearing took place, made what I thought was a long shot, perhaps even an impossibility, become a reality. I can only describe it as “sword in the stone.” He pulled that sword from the stone and went to battle. I could not believe the results of my case. The results were definitely in my favor. Just the other day, I was finally able to see my son for the first time in over a year! The case is not over yet, but with Doug’s legal assistance, we are already so much closer to being exactly where I had hoped we would be.


I am so glad that Doug was able to assist me with my case. He is truly an excellent attorney and extremely knowledgeable. He is also easy to talk to which makes a difference. On top of that, he went out of his way to ensure that costs were kept down which I appreciated. I offer only my highest recommendation for Doug.


Douglas Hatherly is professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. He clearly and objectively explains information and possible outcomes, making sure needs are met even in a tight timeframe.


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