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Family law is a broad legal term encompassing a wide range of Orange County family law matters. In contrast with civil law or criminal law, these matters are between family members and include cases of divorce, property division, spousal support, child custody, child support, and modifications to custody and support agreements. In some cases, it can also include cases of domestic violence since violations are, by definition, between family members or members of the same household.

Family law is governed by each state rather than the federal government, so families and individuals are subject to state and local laws for establishing and dissolving relationships as well as for resolving disputes between family members.

Orange County Family Law Attorney



Each party is able to obtain their own legal counsel and representation throughout each stage of the legal process. An Orange County family law & divorce lawyer from The Hatherley Firm has the necessary experience and qualifications to help you in your family law case.

How We Can Help

A qualified and experienced family law attorney is your greatest asset when it comes to helping you navigate the complexities of family law. The Hatherley Firm can help you understand your rights, the limitations of the law, and what steps to follow to properly adhere to the appropriate legal processes. Additionally, we can advocate for you, fighting for your rights and ensuring that you obtain the most favorable outcome in your case, regardless of the legal matter.

We employ tenacious investigation skills when assessing your situation and combine our comprehensive knowledge of family law with aggressive advocacy to provide you with complete legal counsel and representation. Through our negotiation techniques, we can pursue greater settlements that match your goals.

We understand that family law matters are among the most personal legal cases, which is why we approach all clients with compassionate care and individualized support. The Hatherley Firm focuses its practice exclusively on family law in order to provide the greatest care and attention to our clients.

Orange County Family Law Statistics

Orange County experiences a higher divorce rate than both the state and national average, with over 70% of marriages ending in divorce. In fact, this is one of the highest divorce rates in the country. Most divorces tend to occur during the first eight years of marriage. Just under half of those divorces involve couples with minor children, making child support and child custody a frequent consideration.

Perhaps the greatest contributors to the unusually high divorce rate in Orange County are the higher wealth average, the cultural normalization of divorce, and other factors that can tend to increase the chance of divorce, such as cohabitation, repeat divorces, and the greater chance that children of divorced families have of divorcing themselves later on.

Lastly, California was the first state in the country to offer no-fault divorces, removing the burden of proof that either party was responsible for the divorce, which could have had a generational effect on these rates.

Despite the challenging and difficult nature of the divorce process, most couples are able to find peaceful resolutions. In fact, about 90% of divorces across California are uncontested. Further, three out of four of those who experience a divorce will remarry again at some point in the future.

Many families are able to work out mutual arrangements in sharing custody of their children. With the help of an experienced Orange County divorce attorney, you can find peace of mind in seeking a mutually beneficial resolution in your case as well.

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