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The Hatherley Firm helps clients with alimony and other spousal support issues, including negotiating and modifying support agreements.

What Is Spousal Support?

Spousal support, also known as alimony, involves regular, court-appointed payments made to an ex-spouse as a means of financial assistance. These payments are intended to help maintain a standard of living that is comparable to the standard experienced during the marriage. It is particularly helpful to individuals who face a significant income disparity as the result of a legal separation or dissolution of the marriage. The intent is to ensure that no one party is disproportionately affected financially by the separation.

When determining spousal support agreements, also known as alimony, the California family court system will take several factors into account, such as the length of the marriage, each party’s individual needs, and each person’s earning capacity. Depending on these factors, the agreement may be established temporarily or indefinitely.

When one spouse has a higher earning capacity than the other, the court will generally require a support payment to be paid once a month for an established period of time. Though not a requirement or guarantee, the duration is usually about half the duration of the marriage for marriages under 10 years.

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Spousal support represents important and necessary provisions in the family law system. Whether you are the paying spouse or the receiving spouse, it is important that you obtain proper legal representation when facing support determinations. The Hatherley Firm can help you obtain the most favorable outcome, ensuring a fair support agreement. Contact our office today to learn more.

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